Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #12: New Things About Nicholas

You may have noticed some changes 'round these here parts. Many of them are because Nicholas realized how much work a blog is and decided to pitch in! My knight in shining armor! In honor of his gentlemanliness (because how many husbands out there help on their wife's blog?), this Thursday Thirteen is all about my dude and stuff you don't know about him!

(This also should have been done long ago since I did one about myself 12 weeks ago...bad wife!)

1. He can move his big toe independently of his other toes. Try it, not everyone can!

2. He can put his leg behind his head. This is rare because he is a larger guy, and yet surprisingly agile.

3. He has some very unique views about the proper construction/consumption of a PB&J sandwich, which are: (1) the "peanut-butter pocket," which is where the jelly is pocketed inside of the peanut butter which you spread on both sides; (2) the bread is only there to hold everything together, so it should be the least consumed ingredient; and (3) once you begin eating the masterpiece, it is nigh impossible to set it down. (Personally, I think it is rather disgusting.)

4. You probably either knew this or could have guessed it, but one of his favorite shows is Battlestar Galactica...along with Star Trek. He teases himself by referencing this scene from The Office:

5. He eats his grilled cheese sandwiches, every Sunday, dipped in Heinz or Hunt's ketchup. No other brand of tomato condiment will do.

6. Growing up his favorite children's book was The Sneetches and he had it memorized when he was 4 years old.

7. He enjoys plaid. Check out all the pictures of him on the blog. Chances are he is wearing some variation of plaid (not flannel).

8. The only pet he has ever owned is a fish named Fred. Fred died tragically when Nick's mom put him in the bathtub with one of his brothers. They held a funeral for him. (The below fish is in the similitude of Fred, and is not actually Nick's beloved fish.)

9. His first car was a 1987 gray Honda Civic with manual transmission. "I loved it dearly." His brother, Greg, killed it through neglect and abuse (like not topping off the brake fluid and oil).

10. He professionally ironed pants for two months.

11. He was prone to injury/ailment as a child: broken leg, smashed a finger in a hide-a-bed, appendicitis, and he crushed his right hand between a tow chain attached to a tractor and a large metal box the size of a semi-trailer. Gnarly stuff!

12. He believes strongly that everyone can be good at math.

13. He is morally opposed to broccoli because "it's cultivation requires innocent young farmhands to trudge through mud up to their knees and get soaking wet." He personally experienced broccoli cultivation as he helped on a farm for 2 summers of his youth.

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Jill Elizabeth said...

I didn't know there was any actual justification for being morally opposed to broccoli, but I'm glad to hear it.