Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #1: New Things About Me

So I saw this Thursday Thirteen series on another blog and thought I could incorporate it into my own. It is something manageable, fun, and hopefully interesting to read. So from now on every Thursday I will post thirteen of something that's on my mind. To start off today I am posting Thirteen things you may not know about me. Maybe you do, but I'll try to throw in a curve ball or two.

1. As a child one of my favorite books was The Lorax by Dr. Suess. I would read it practically every night before I fell asleep for a long time!

2. I really HATE the sound of ice. Scratching, crunching, chewing, it gives me chills everytime, so Nick is my hero and gets frozen things from the freezer quite often.

3. I have started doing very simple pilates and dumbbell routines after I run each morning and I really like them. Don't make fun, I know the second one is a little silly!

4. So far I have really liked the Twilight series. I still have Breaking Dawn to read, but Eclipse was great. Again, don't make fun!

5. I don't particuarly enjoy shopping for anything really. Spending money is a big problem for me, especially if it's for myself. Nick says if I were a superhero, ice and shopping would be my kryptonite.

6. You probably know by now that I LOVE Seinfeld, but you probably don't know that my favorite episode is The Foundation, with The Urban Sombrero. "No one sees...the cover."

7. Whenever I'm home in the middle of the day, I typically eat 1 of 5 things for lunch: bean with bacon soup, vegetable soup, macaroni and cheese, Top Ramen, or a tuna fish sandwich. These are "Rachel Foods."

8. For now, my dream living location is not actually in Oregon (gasp!). It's in Pullman, WA where Nick could work at Washington State, we could build our own house, go to Twin Lakes every year, and Salem is just a quick 7 hour drive.

9. My favorite Friday night meal is beef taquitos. They're "little tacos," what a genius idea!

10. I sleep on the right side of the bed.

11. It is my opinion that the perfect name for a basset hound is Toby Flenderson. No stealing!

12. Last night I had a dream that I worked for Jennifer Aniston in a large clothing store and Bette Midler entered and told me my favorite jeans made my butt look saggy so she took me shopping and bought me new pants. There were a lot of escalators.

13. My fingernails are wicked strong! It's because I drink about 2/3 of a gallon of milk per day! (Between the two of us, we go through about 3.5 gallons per week.)


Jenni said...

Pullman is where my sister lives. I think she really enjoys it...and they really want us to move there too...guess it depends on where Jared goes to school. It was fun to learn new things about you!

Lauren Davison said...

Oh, I loved this. Kirby made us tuna fish sandwiches the other night and I just about died and went to heaven. He even put sweet relish in! :)

I love your jeans dream. Sigh. I need new jeans...

SparklingStudent said...

I would agree that Pullman is an amazing place to live :) Go cougs!