Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #7: Baby Girl Names

To follow up on last week's Thursday Thirteen, here is my list of potential girl names in moderate order of appeal. N=Nick's choice, R=Rachel's choice.

1. Natalie Joann (N, R): This is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Joann is Grandma Nelson’s name and she would have the same initials as Nick and his dad. Perfect. Besides, doesn’t Natalie Nelson just roll off the tongue and make you want to put little before it? Little Natalie cute!

2. Hannah (N, R): This one used to be at the top of our list, but I bumped it because I love Natalie so much! However, I still love this one and it means grace, which is something our child will need a lot of help with! 

3. Grace (N, R): I really love this one as well. I just think it is super cute and there’s no Grace in Nick’s ginormous family, as far as I know.

4. Lucy Michelle (N, R): Seriously love this name! Lucy is just so sweet and Michelle is my middle name. Then her initials would be LMN.

5. Michelle (N, R): My middle name and even though there already is a Michelle Nelson in the fam, I wouldn’t mind if our child had her name. She is an awesome girl!

6. Esperan├ža (N): Now we’re into one’s Nick likes and I don’t, beginning with a Portugese word meaning Hope. Nicholas never heard this as a person’s name in Brazil, but he thinks it’s really pretty. I think it sounds pretty too, but the way he wants to spell it is with a letter that doesn’t exist in English, and it is going to be butchered all the time! If we adopt from Brazil, it maybe an option.

7. Sarah (N): Just imagine two little sisters whose names are Esperan├ža and Sarah...they don’t fit! Plus, Sarah is so plain. I want a little more excitement or interest in our children’s names.

8. Emily (N): See above.

9. Makayla (R): I really love this name! Every Makayla I’ve known is sweet, fun, kind, etc. Beats me why Nicholas doesn’t like it. Besides, it means “who is like God.” Awesome.

10. Gabrielle (R): This one and Gabriel for a boy are two of my favorites! Obviously we wouldn’t use both of them, but I am hoping I can talk Nick into one of them! The meaning of this one is “God is my strength.”

11. Lindsey (R): I just love this name, there’s no other Nelson with it, and it has a one syllable nickname--Lindz. I’m pretty sure every Lindsey ever is absolutely adorable, so why not set our little girl up for success?

12. Leslie (R): I promised one of my best friends in high school I would name a daughter after her. I still very much like the name, but unless we have a dozen girls, I think it’s one of the few promises I maybe unable to keep.

13. There aren’t 13 girl names on our list, so you may notice there are no K names on our list. Nicholas is adamantly against names like Kate, Katie, Kaitlyn, Kaelyn, Kylie, Kaylie, or the like. He says they’re all variations of the same name and he is confused by them. Silly boy...personally, I think they’re cute, but we have a lot of good options.

Another thing about our name list is that there are no real unisex names, which is another of Nick’s silly rules. He said that we people read our child’s name he wants them to know right away if it’s a boy or a girl. I like Taylor, but I can compromise.

Just as a FYI, other girl middle names we like that are not in the above list are Renee, Laurie, Claire, Mary, Genevieve, Rachel, and Ila. All are family names.


Jill Elizabeth said...

I have many friends named Lindsey, so that gets my vote!

Jenni said...

Jared likes the name Aramie in Guadane (sp?) from Paraguay. It means heaven or something. Its cute, but like you said about Esperanca it doesn't fit you are not from the culture and have all your children have names close to it. I like a lot of your names...but I have to say I still love "Katelyn" even if Nick doesn't ;)

Lauren Davison said...

Kirby is the same way with all those K names... But also hailey, hallie, etc. etc. etc. All the new trendy variations of normal names.

Also--I love the name Emily. I'm with Nick on that one. :)