Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Female Sheep's Legacy

The name Rachel means Ewe, or in other words is a female sheep. That's right, baa baa sheep. Rachel is also the wife of Jacob, which was the name of the smelly kid in my 3rd grade class. Lame, I know! Growing up I was so bummed that my parents named me Rachel simply because they liked the name. I wanted a name with meaning, substance, like some of the boys' names I shared last Thursday. But ya know, I think my parents were inspired. I love my name! It has given me so much to work towards, so much to become, and so much gratitude.

And this story is why...
While watching, try to imagine how I felt when I heard this for the first time in October 2007 at our church's General Conference. At that point, we had been trying to get pregnant for about 14 months, and I felt so incredibly forgotten. I still cry EVERY time I watch it!

He gets choked up in all the perfect spots! Here is the full text of the talk.

Whenever I feel discouraged about ANYTHING, I watch this and remember to "claim my exceedingly great and precious promises and never let go!" When God remembers us it is not because He ever forgot about us in the first place. A parent never forgets their child, but they certainly remember them. Sometimes we just have to trust that "the Lord is not slack concerning His promises." We have been promised children, and I know they will come in the Lord's time. And until then we will patiently prepare for our posterity.

I cannot wait to meet Rachel of old who has given me so many reasons to love my name and to have hope for the future. Her story ends tragically as she did die after she bore Benjamin, but her influence is perhaps stronger today because of her trials than if she had not experienced all the pain and heartache of infertility. I hope my own story ends in a way that has that same outcome. I look forward to meeting my hero Rachel when it does.

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