Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #3: Songs I'm Into Right Now

When I hear a new song I love I typically purchase it right away and then listen to it on a short repeat list with others that I have discovered or have gotten lost in my playlists. So, because I have especially recently clung to music like a lifeline (the whole no T.V. thing) I thought I would share what is on that playlist right now. Many of these have been added to our playlist on the right column of the blog. These are listed in no real particular order:

1. Trees by Kingsfoil: I know I already shared this in a previous post, but I had to post it again because it is most definitely a new song I am into right now!

2. Samson by Regina Spektor: If anyone can listen to the song and tell me what it means, that would be great! Even still, I love it!

3. In the Sun by She & Him: First song on our playlist (right column) and the music video is awesome!

4. I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers: A little deep/melancholy, but so great to just listen to and reflect on...whatever!

5. Modern Nature by Sondre Lechre: You may have heard this at the end of the movie Dan in Real Life, but I just recently picked it up. It's a very happy song. "If things go right they're meant to be!"

6. Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw: Across the board Mr. DeGraw is one of my favorite singers. If he sang the phone book I think I'd be completely entranced. But here is a great song of his that I just remembered.

7. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She & Him: New band to me means multiple new songs on my current favorites list. While I love the previous music video, however, this one just gives me the willies. I much prefer the music to the video. Even still, Zooey Deschanel is super cute!

8. If You Ain't Got Love by Mason Jennings: Great song. Great message. Great quote located strategically on this blog.

9. Beauty Mark by Rufus Wainwright : These next two songs were introduced to me by my boyfriend in high school but have since then been lost in the myriad of music I love. It's like finding $10 in your pocket, which is awesome! Don't you love the bass drum?

10. Girl on the Roof by David Mead: The best lyrics in this song is "ooo hoo hoo ooo hoo hoo ooo hoo hoo hoooo. Ooo hoo hoo ooo hoo hoo hoo oooooooo." Great song! I have a slightly more chilled out version I listen to, which I prefer, but this version works too.

11. She Talks to Angels by Black Crowes: To be honest, I just love his description of this girl. And the raspiness in his voice is just awesome! What it's all about is beyond me. This is the version I love to listen to, so sorry about the weird lightning flash things.

12. Say Hey by : How can you listen to this song and just not be happy? "But I know, one thing, that I love you!"

13. Scottish Spring by Vocal Point: Not your typical song, but on a random playlist the other day it came on and put me into stitches! So funny!

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Chilly Beans said...

What a great post! This was really fun to listen to some songs I didn't know and to be reminded of the ones I did. She & Him is an interesting group, and I don't really like their video for "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" but she does have a lot of fun. You can tell. Train also did a version of "She Talks to Angels" and it sounds similar to the version by the Black Crowes. You should listen to it and see if you like that one (if you haven't already heard it). You might also like a singer by the name of Lisa Lois from the Netherlands. I have just recently been introduced to her music and I really like it. I've posted one of her songs on my blog in an older post, but the best one is her version of Halleluja (acoustic version). Here's a link to it:
Tell me what you think after you hear it. Again, great post.