Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March No T.V. Madness

I thought I would give everyone an update on how my month without T.V. was going. I am proud to report that I have gone 11 solid days without turning on the T.V. once. Last weekend Nick and I watched a couple of "The Office" episodes on Hulu and rented Terminator Salvation, but it was all for our weekly date, so it was completely within the rules.
So far it has been a very successful 11 days. I finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett (it was fabulous by the way), so I got to cross that off my list, I started Breaking Dawn, and I have been doing more blogging and discovering new ways to make it interesting for everyone (hopefully). I have also been house searching, which I will talk more about tomorrow. Occasionally I do wish I could turn on the T.V. just to vegetate, but I have found reading or talking on the phone with people seems to be a good cure, and it is a lot more fulfilling. Also, times like tonight, when our house is completely quiet it would be nice to have the T.V. on just for sound beyond typing and the heat coming on, but I have re-discovered my love for music. I have been downloading new songs, so I updated my playlist (scroll down, on the right column) and have included a song in this post called Trees by Kingsfoil which is a new love! Nick really likes it too, which means I totally married the right guy!

Speaking of the right guy, he has been so supportive of me in my goal and won't turn on the T.V. when we're both at home. Instead we read, talk, and we even played a game of Risk last Tuesday. Usually I win, but he totally wiped me out this time. I love how he doesn't let me win, even when I ask.
I also have been keeping up with my sister, Jen. She told me that I inspired her to cut down on her computer game time and has really enjoyed the extra time to enlighten her mind. She has always made me want to be a better person, and this project is no exception. Hearing about her success makes me think "Huh, we came from the same place...maybe there's hope for me, too!"
Overall, I give the first third of my goal a rave review and am excited to see what else I learn over the next 21 days!

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