Monday, March 22, 2010

#31: Babysit for a friend

Saturday Nicholas and I got the unexpected opportunity to babysit for some friends from church so they could go on a date, giving me an opportunity to live from my list. We enjoy babysitting for others, so if you're around town and have kids you can't pawn off on anyone, give us a call. Nick says the best way to parent is at 3 hour increments! For now, I suppose that'll have to do.

The family has three kids and one little girl on the way. A is 9, and is also in my Activity Days group from church. She is a very helpful girl and enjoys being more mature than her siblings, exemplified by our playing dominoes and chess. Occasionally, however, I can get her to crack a smile for the camera. We have a lot of fun together!

G is 6 and is a typical boy always jumping off of,  eating, or poking something or someone. Here they are watching a movie where something amusing or surprising must have happened.

 S is the baby, for now, and is 4. She is very cute when she's not throwing a tantrum. She wanted to see every picture I took of her and would race over to me after every click. I told her she had to hold still to so I could get a good picture. Obviously I need some work photographing children as everyone knows holding still just isn't going to happen. I liked this shot where it appears she didn't hear me taking the picture...she is lounging between Nick's feet.

After the movie A and S didn't want to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the boys, so we had a little impromptu photo shoot. It was a lot of fun because S kept wanting to see the pictures, so I got some great ones of her tripping over her sister to get back in the shot I was about to take.

The best part about babysitting with Nick is that I get a little glimpse into my future, what I have to look forward to when we're watching a silly kids movie with our kids. Children just gravitate to him, and he is perfect for cuddling up against! I hope we don't ever take our children for granted. I always want to remember how much we want them jumping all over us, and how loud we want them to make our home, and how messes mean fun has just happened. And especially how sweet quiet moments on the couch can be.

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Megan Marie said...

Love the last picture. Heaven.