Friday, February 5, 2010

Happiness is...feeling the peace of the Spirit!

This is how I feel right now:

This is how I felt after I decided to marry Nicholas and after we decided to try having children and after we decided to pursue adoption. Only this time the decision was to NOT do something.

There is a lot that went into this decision, but ultimately here it is: this summer Nicholas is probably going to France for two weeks for work, and I am not going with him.

You maybe wondering "why is she so excited to NOT go to France?" Well, simply put, it's what is best for our family and our future plans. I can feel courageous and full of faith and hope for the promised blessings of living within our means, getting out of school debt as soon as possible, and preparing for our future family.

This is what I read this morning that solidified my decision from February's Visiting Teaching message: “To pay our debts now and to avoid future debt require us to exercise faith in the Savior—not just to do better but to be better. It takes great faith to utter those simple words, ‘We can’t afford it.’ It takes faith to trust that life will be better as we sacrifice our wants in order to meet our own and others’ needs.” I can absolutely live very happily with this decision!

I am so blessed by the Gospel in my life! It helps work through life's difficult decisions, and gives me hope for the future. Having hope and peace brings such joy, even if France must wait!!

If you want details I'll share, but save your breath in trying to talk me out of this! I know this is right, with every energized part of my being! It looks as though I am going to need to make a special Two Week To Do List while my husband is away...

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Greg Nelson Family said...

You are welcome to come visit us any time!!! You are so great Rachel and give me such strength.