Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fulfilling Expectations

Well, it seems as if this is the general expectation, to start a blog, when a couple starts the adoption process. As we would not wish to let anyone down, we begin a documentation of our lives, not just adopting, hopefully updated often, but most certainly whenever we can and feel an event has occurred worth mentioning. If we have left something out or there are quandaries amongst our few, but loyal, readers, please identify or ask about something through a phone call, email, or comment to a previous post. We love you and look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories as we share and grow with each other. Well, let us delay this communication no further! Oh, if anyone knows how to really "spifify" our blog with layouts and music, I am very interested, as I imagine, as with our home, I will joyfully taking on many of the decorating responsibilities of the blog. And, as with our home, I am in desperate need of designing tips!

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