Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday was my 26th birthday, and the party started on Saturday! Nick and I went out with some friends who treated us to pizza and then we hit up the bowling lanes, a lost art for sure -- but not a sport. Here's a little video to backup my philosophy:

Anyway, so on Saturday we went bowling, our friends Brooke and Ben treated us to pizza and some kind of delicious tort, and we had a great conversation revolving around appropriate and ridiculous Olympic events (ie. motherhood should be one, curling should not...just sayin'). 

Oh, Nick and Alexa also gave me a really beautiful authentic leather jacket. I was floored! It's so beautiful!

Don't you kinda wish your husband was as awesome as mine? I would if I were you.

Sunday was pretty typical but I did get a ton of phone calls and texts from friends and family, which was so wonderful!

But the party doesn't stop there. On Monday, a few friends of mine took Alexa and I out to a wonderful Italian Grill for lunch. We had such a great time! 

The three little mess-making monsters we had the courage to take out in public. They don't look vicious, but they're maniacal, mark my words!

It was such an incredible birthday weekend, full of friends, family, and fun! My 27th year is going to be the most awesome year ever!!

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Jenni said...

you look so good! and i love the little kids in the last picture. adorable.