Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Summer Vacation in 17,000 Words, and Then Some

(Title Explanation: a picture is a thousand words, and then the words I didn't bother counting. Oh, just read on!)

Every summer Nick's Dad's family goes up to a lake in Washington State for a week of boating, talking, and eating. It's absolutely our favorite vacation whenever we get to go, and this was Alexa's first time there. Going as parents was a new/challenging experience, but so wonderful! Enjoy!

Crossing the ferry to Twin Lakes!

 In the lake for the first time with Daddy!

 Driving the boat with Grandpa!

 Grandma, Grandpa, and all their grandkids!

 I'm actually wakeboarding!

 Wading in the water with Daddy!

 Enjoying Twin Lakes with Mommy!

 The family that tubes together stays together!

 Nick's sister Cassidy and her husband Jesse about 2 seconds before she flips the tube trying to get away from the water. Yeah, I know...

 Cool picture of lily pads.

 Playing in the water together!

Yeah, that's partially melted marshmallow in her hair. This was at week's end and she was so gross!

The next pictures were specifically taken to make Nick's siblings who wren't there jealous. Did it work?

Going home! We look happy, but our hearts are breaking a little.

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