Friday, June 1, 2012

What, You Want Me to Post?

Okay, maybe you don't care one way or another, but either way you're getting a post.

It maybe just an adorable picture (or two...or three) of my daughter with a whimsical little introduction and a random piece of exciting news at the end, but it's a post.

Take it or leave it!

My little princess with her pretty bow-clip that she LOVES to wear (seriously cries when I take it out)!

 Playing craziness with Daddy while waiting for the eclipse!

Peek-a-boo turned cuddley-smooshed-face. Whatever it is, it's cute!

Good news time: our fingerprints are back, which means we're one big step closer to being approved for adoption! YAY YAY!! And y'all know I'm hankering for my babies again...still.

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