Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #20: Movies We Love

These are movies we both love and enjoy, or have enjoyed, watching together. In no particular order:

#1: Hitch
Okay, I lied, this is probably the classic choice for both of us, which is why it was first.

#2: What About Bob?

#3: Muppet Christmas Carol

#4: Lady and the Tramp
I don't think I can ever watch this without Nick again. It was the first movie we watched after we were married while on our honeymoon. The DVD player and DVD were both wedding gifts.

#5: The Emperor's New Groove

#6: White Christmas
Not that we own this movie or watch it a lot, but we watched it once on a "date" and then saw it in the theater later on. It definitely belongs on this list. Nick has only been exposed to this because I love a good musical, and men do crazy things for women they love.

#7: School of Rock

#8: The Princess Bride

#9: The Incredibles

#10: Up
For so many reasons, we love this movie!!

#11: Ratatouille
This is the last Pixar one, I promise!! What can I say, we're sophisticated people.

#12: Batman Begins

#13: Contact
This is another one that we watched on our honeymoon, per Nicholas' request. I could never watch this without Nick.

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The Greg Nelson Family said...

I love White Christmas and have to pack it away with our Christmas stuff so I don't watch it every day!!!