Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #10: Activities on Road Trips

I wrote this list while in the car on the way to Utah. Now it is 11:54, and we are up talking with Nick's cousin and his wife. Too much fun, but Thursday Thirteens wait for no man (or woman, which is more likely considering my audience)
1. Sing to CDs we make prior to leaving
2. Discuss the lyrics of songs (Today’s was Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson)
3. Would you rather live in __(this place with a potential job for Nick)__ or __(this one)__
4. Eat junk food (honey roasted peanuts, licorice, Triscuits, Hot Tamales)
5. Talk about funny Seinfeld episodes
6. Call/talk with family
7. Sleep
8. Comment on amusing signs (like in the middle of Wyoming is Exit 260, County Road 24...we’re thinking that exit is a very popular attraction) or this one:

All you would ever need: Liquor, Money (ATM), Wyoming, and Wine. HA!

9. Read Chronicles of Narnia (not on this trip, but we have read full books of the series in the past. I read since Nick gets sick reading in the car)
10. Do homework assignments/reading
11. Talk about memories that we have of people we’re going to visit
12. Nicholas teaches me about geological formations and the continental divide
13. Work on blog posts


Christine Dallimore said...

Have fun in Utah...visit Garner Villiage if you can! I LOVE their candy shoppe! Lol!!! I received your pass along cards the other day! I will begin to pass them out and put them in my shipments!!! :O)

SparklingStudent said...

Hahaha! This post made me smile :) But I think you forgot something from the list... I'm willing to bet that you and Nick car-dance to the CDs you make! And I know that it's mostly arm movements and head bopping because there's no way to really stand up and groove in a car, LoL!, so it's not technically dancing but you know what I mean ;)