Monday, March 8, 2010

Happiness is...conversing with a 7 year old.

This is a conversation I had with my 7 year old brother Jacob yesterday. It's not verbatim, but pretty close! The pictures are just for your enjoyment.

Jacob: Hi Rachel.
Rachel: Hi Jacob. How are you doing?
Jacob: Pretty good, how are you?
Rachel: Pretty great. How was church?
Jacob: It was pretty fun. What do you like?
He's pretending he has a mustache.
 Rachel: What do I like? Well, I like macaroni and cheese. (It was fast Sunday, apparently food was on my mind.)
Jacob: Oh wow. I like macaroni and cheese, too!
Rachel: That's great Jake. What else do you like?
 Jacob: I like animals. Guess what my favorite is.
Rachel: Okay. A dog?
Jacob: Nope. It starts with a j.
Rachel: A jaguar!
Jacob: Nope. It starts with a j and the next letter is r. It's the same as mom's
Rachel: Hmmm...(I was stumped).
Jacob: It's a jraf.
 While Suzy was getting her haircut we had a battle in the Great Clips lobby. Great fun!
Rachel: Oh, of course! Giraffe's are pretty great
Jacob: Yeah. We saw them at the zoo. What else do you like?
Rachel: I like to read.
Jacob: Me too! My favorite books are shark attacks!
Rachel (to Nick): Are shark attacks a genre?
 He got me a book ALL about slugs for my birthday. Just what I wanted!
Rachel (back to Jacob): That sounds very exciting.
Jacob: Do you have any oceans in Colorado?
Rachel: No, we don't have any of those here.
He was being Spider-man.
Jacob: Well that's good because you won't get attacked by a shark cuz they live in the ocean. (I agree.) Let me tell you about my favorite shark: the tiger shark. Or maybe the sand shark. Well, I'll just tell you about all of them in my book.
 (He then proceeds to tell me about all the sharks in his book until I got to choir practice. This is where we'll pick-up.)
 We like dancing together.
 Rachel: Okay Jake, why don't you tell me about one more then I have to go, okay?
Jacob: But first, there's also the killer whale and it actually kills people! I think maybe a thousand!
Rachel: Wow! That's a lot of people. Is that bigger than your class at school?
Jacob: Yeah.
 Rachel: Could the killer whale kill all the people at your school?
Jacob: Well, I don't think so. My principal told us that there are about 50, 51, 52, or 53 people at our school, so that's a lot!
Rachel: It sure is Jake! I have to go now, okay?
 Jake: Okay. I love you.
Rachel: I love you too Jakey!

I sure do love my little brother! He makes me laugh all the time! Little boys are so awesome!


Jenni said...

He is SO BIG! What a cute conversation! Kate and I talk...but she doesn't have many real words yet. And look at your tan arms! Jealous!

Lauren Davison said...

That. Is. Fabulous. Love it. You're going to be a great mom! :)

Lauren Davison said...

Also, I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award! The details are on my blog... Go see! :)