Monday, February 1, 2010

Happiness is...concquering your fears

On January 19, 2009 the Nelson family celebrated the beloved Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by sending out traditional cards in behalf of the event. We sent out a message that said:

'Cuz Your Not Hardcore...Unless You Live Hardcore

Our Hardcore-ness came from snow skiing in -28 degree weather. It was SO INCREDIBLY COLD!

Skiing used to scare me to no end! Let's just say I saw this movie where a girl was paralyzed and her boyfriend left her and the whole event was just tragic! Well, I am no longer horrified of skiing, just appropriately anxious. I hope we get to go again soon so I can continue beating my fears into submission!


Jenni said...

I too am afraid to ski...I never had real snow growing up.

Rachel said...

Neither did I, the first time I went skiing was with Nick's family the December right before we were married. I have NEVER been more scared for my life!