Monday, May 4, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Moving has a way of disconnecting you from the rest of the world, literally. We were without cable or Internet for over a week! It has been hard, but we know that it is the really trying difficulties that make us stronger! We're not planning on hooking up cable, and since we are the proud owners of Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's old television, we have no TV at all until we invest in some attractive bunny ears and converter box. That's like 85th on our list of stuff that needs to be done though, so I don't expect it happening anytime soon. Patience is a virtue.
So we're basically moved in. Tonight for FHE we're going to finish hanging pictures and stuff, so that will make it seem more like our home. There are a couple boxes still here and there, but we really like it so far. It's just a bit bigger everywhere: living room, bedroom, bathroom, closets, everything is just a bit bigger, which makes everything a bit more comfortable. The setup is a better use of space too, which is nice. It's a bit older than our last place, so the water heating up takes longer and the drawers are a bit tougher to pull out, but overall, I like this place much better. Oh, our view is much better too. In our old place we overlooked the parking lot and garages, and here there is a tree outside our living room and a little grassy area that's quite lovely. The one downside there is at about 7am the sun hits our bedroom window and just lightens up our room so bright! No sleeping in for us. I might get a little homemaker on y'all and look into making or purchasing some drapes. I have no idea how or where to start though, so we'll see. I think that's about 92nd on our list of things to do though, so probably not anytime soon. Any suggestions would be helpful!
We went to our new ward yesterday and it was...interesting. So the first lady we met introduced herself and said "oh good, you're young! We like when young people move in!" Nick was one of 2 elders in his quorum meeting yesterday, and another older lady accused the people sitting next to her in stake conference of having swine flu because they were Latino! I know it will get better, we'll make friends and things will get more comfortable, but boy was I a bit freaked out yesterday! On a happier note, there is a lady in our ward with the most fabulous mullet I have ever seen! I must be a terrible person I think, because that had me a bit distracted during sacrament meeting. I guess that's one more thing to work on I suppose!


~*Jen*~ said...

Haha...isn't it hilarious how we become entertained by the simplest of things? Ahhh...mullets LOL ;)

Congrats on the new place! Hopefully you're not like me and take over 6 months to get the last box unpacked! Haha!

Jessica said...

Hehe, you're so funny! Congrats on a successful move! I'm glad you like your new place!