Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dreaming and Doing, Pt. 2

Did you know you can re-finish countertops? Our ugly laminate countertops are going to look slightly less ugly because we are going to re-finish them! Probably not until summer, but still super exciting for Nick and I!

Guess who made this little discovery as part of her doing instead of dreaming escapade a few weeks ago? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't this cute little cheesy bundle of craziness:

Nope, it was me! You see, after I had my fill of longing for what I did not have I decided to do everything I could to change my circumstance. That meant I got to work on cleaning, tape measuring, pamphlet reading, and discussing with friends about changes to make in our home.

As a result of those efforts we went on a date to Home Depot and purchased blinds for the sliding glass door (which turned out to be way less expensive than I originally thought), looked into re-finishing our cabinets (which is my next big project right after cleaning out the garage), and then stumbled upon a countertop re-finishing kit (a project we've decided to take on this summer).

Crazy-mixed-up world we're living in these days when working actually yields results. Color me surprised.

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