Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#90: Do a Photoshoot for a Friend

Remember that one time that I made a list of 101 crazy things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days? Well, I haven't forgot about them (even though I haven't updated you in a long time), but these goals are still very much alive and kickin' in my heart!

One that I accomplished recently is I did a photo shoot with my sister-in-law's sister and her husband for their first anniversary. Here are a few of the photos that I really thought turned out well:

They're holding a wedding picture, and next year they'll take a picture holding this one that I took and so on. Cool, right?

 I may have had a little fun playing with some effects on the right here...I kinda like it though.

I had such a fun time and it was such good practice for me and I hope they like the end result. 

PS Doesn't Ashley just have the most lovely face and most beautiful blue eyes ever??

Pssst. The correct answer is "Yes!"

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Lauren Davison said...

They look fabulous! :)