Monday, December 6, 2010

This Is A Great Face

Today we're in Utah visiting friends and family.  Some of our favorite people are Nick's old roommate Kirby, his wife Lauren, and their daughter Emily.  Emily is 13 months old and we got to play with her this evening.  She is absolutely adorable but our favorite thing about her is, well, this:
Aren't babies wonderful?  How can you not love those expressions?  And she makes faces like that all the time on her own.

Lauren, by the way, is also the wonderful photographer that took the pictures of us at the top of this blog.  She's amazing with a camera.  For more about Kirby, Lauren, and Emily check out their family blog.  For more about Lauren's incredible photography check out her professional blog.

1 comment:

Lauren Davison said...

Hahahahah. You're right. She is pretty darn cute. :)